Exit Simple: It’s Right There in the Name

Exit Simple: It's Right There in the Name

Congratulations!  You’ve bought yourself a timeshare.  This purchase was probably made during a dream vacation that had all of the elements you look for when you plan a trip away.  Maybe it was a beachfront property with all of the amenities you need to leave refreshed and relaxed.  Or maybe a desert property on an elite golf course is more your style.  Are the city lights and nightlife of Vegas or NYC what you look for when you want to get away?  As unique as you are, there’s usually a timeshare to match.  But, what happens when buyers remorse sets in?

Nearly all purchasers regret buying a timeshare.  It’s true.  The University of Central Florida did research on this, and determined that 85% of all buyers wish they would have done something else with the money spent on their timeshare purchase.  So now what?  Well, let’s talk about that. 

The process of getting rid of your timeshare can vary depending on a number of factors.  These tend to include: the type of timeshare you own, the location of the property, whether the timeshare is paid in full or not and the date in which you originally purchased the timeshare. If you purchased the timeshare recently, like within the last week or two, it’s strongly encouraged that you look into something called a rescission period.  However, most people looking to get out from under their timeshare purchase have been paying for it for a while, and perhaps noticing that it’s not quite all that you imagined it would be.  

There are several ways to get out of your timeshare.  The timeshare companies and developers don’t make these easy by any means, but they do exist.  There are some by-the-book ways to do this, and some, well, unorthodox ways to do this.  The pandemic pressured a number of timeshare companies to loosen their exit policies, as people were financially struggling to stay afloat.  If the idea of trying to navigate exiting a timeshare on top of everything else you’ve got going on in life sounds like the worst possible way to spend your time, we’re here for you.  

Exit Simple got started because navigating the exit strategy with timeshares is stressful and confusing.  We wanted to take the daunting experience out of the hands of the owner in the interest of getting you what you need, and keeping greedy timeshare companies from taking any more of your time and money.  Plainly put, we make exiting….simple.  

If this article resonates with you and you want out once and for all.  Get in touch with us today!  Even the consultation experience is easy.  We can meet with you virtually (or in person if you’re in Arizona) and come up with a plan.  We look forward to working with you.